Many adults and children suffer from sleep-related conditions like obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), upper airway resistance syndrome (UARS), and snoring. These conditions disrupt sleep.

Recent studies have shown that playing musical instruments - Can Musical Instruments Help in Treating Sleep-Related Problems?

Lifestyle modifications and medications can treat these conditions. But recent studies have shown that playing musical instruments can also help treat sleep-related conditions in adults and children. These instruments can strengthen the tissues and muscles of the throat passage, thus reducing OSA events.

The aboriginal wind instrument, didgeridoo, is said to be highly effective in this regard. However, you can play any wind instrument to experience better sleep. Playing this instrument can strengthen the throat muscles in OSA patients and those who snore.

You must practice a few lessons with the musical instrument - Can Musical Instruments Help in Treating Sleep-Related Problems?

Children can practise playing a musical instrument from a very young age. The techniques may be challenging at first, but research suggests that people who learn to play a musical instrument from a young age will develop greater emotional intelligence. Toddlers and babies have even been known to blow on a small flute for fun.

Learning to play the didgeridoo or other wind instruments has other great advantages. People and children will experience fewer sleep obstructive apnoea events. Sleep training methods have been designed like “silent sleep training”, which uses the didgeridoo. This method is now available in the US and Europe.

Silent sleep training has been proven to strengthen the throat muscles and reduce the symptoms of sleep apnoea and snoring problems. This method of sleep training can be used with a “Medical Didgeridoo®” and an app. This method uses various playing techniques that can reduce fatty tissues in the neck and throat.

This award-winning method has been known to cure or alleviate sleep-related problems to a great extent. Many adults and children are affected with sleep apnoea today, and this new technique can treat this condition and other sleep-related conditions as well.